More smiles in less miles

Proxi is bringing the feeling of a small town to the big city – making delivery and fulfilment services more local than ever before.

Proxi's Mission

Proxi are bringing the feeling of a small town, to the big city – making delivery and fulfilment services more local than ever before.

Flexible deliveries, transparent pricing, fulfilment nearby...

These days, everybody shops online. Your fulfilment and delivery service can be the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy one.

Go with Proxi and you’ll keep all of your shoppers smiling. We have fulfilment centres right across London, which means we deliver locally – to any postcode within the M25 – the same day, the next day and at a time of your customers’ choosing.

Better still, our team and drivers are fully employed and live in the neighbourhoods we service, plus our eco-friendly fleets deliver in less miles. Overall, this makes us better for local communities, and we’re more sustainable too.

Our values


All of our team are fully employed and our costs are completely clear. We’re committed to communities and have sustainability at our core.


We’re bringing business to local vendors and hiring locally. We’re straightforward and friendly - the type of people you want to do business with.


Powered by technology, we’re setting new standards with unparalleled service, flexible deliveries and fulfilment centres right across the city.

Why Proxi?

Transparent pricing
We offer simple, affordable prices, with no hidden costs, allowing for improved margin certainty and the ability to pay fulfilment fees on sale (not purchases).
Sales growth
With Proxi, you can stay open and sell more for even longer. What’s more, our fast and flexible delivery services mean fewer of your shoppers will abandon a purchase at checkout.
Flexible deliveries
Schedule a Same-Day or Next-Day delivery, anywhere within the M25. So now, the wait is over - your customers can choose a delivery time and day that suits their every need.
Customer loyalty
We’re local people, we do everything with a personal touch. So it’s not just our best-in-class delivery services that will bring your customers back time and again, it’s the superior customer experience they’ll receive too.
Ethical and sustainable
Proxi is committed to local employment and improving local communities. We fully employ every one of our team, paying above real London living wages. We're sustainable too, because we use ULEZ compliant vehicles, electric mopeds and minimise packaging.
Every size matters
From small shops to large retailers... We don’t discriminate on size. We’re not interested in capturing your data or producing copycat products (like some other companies) either. With Proxi, you’ll remain in complete control – security and transparency guaranteed.