Always local

Our services

Scheduled Next-Day

Proxi can collect from you by 10pm and deliver the next day, to anywhere inside the M25, within a 1hr delivery window selected by your customer.

Same-Day delivery

We’ll collect by 1pm within the M25 and deliver to any location inside the M25 between 4pm-10pm.

Fulfilment nearby

With fulfilment centres spread right across London, we can deliver within 2hrs to anywhere within the M25.

Use cases

High fashion retailers

Who wouldn’t want to increase their brand’s reach, in one of the fashion capitals of the world?

Go with Proxi and you’ll have more customers striking a pose in your clothes, at just the click of a button.

We can deliver multiple items to your customers across London, at a time that suits them. You give them the freedom to try on outfits and walk the catwalk, in the comfort of their own home. Then, any unwanted items, we’ll collect and have back hanging on your shop rails, by the very next day.

Product launches that deliver

It’s always worth maximising the buzz and excitement of a new product launch, by investing in marketing and advertising. But, if you promise the world, but don’t deliver the goods, there’s every chance your brand’s moment could fall a little flat.

Go with Proxi and we’ll make sure you’re more than just hype…

Store your new products at any one of our London locations, and your customers can enjoy the perks of our super fast delivery service. By placing an order – delivered in under an hour – they can be boasting to their friends on Instagram, before you’ve even finished the event launch!

Store your inventory in London

Proxi help shops of every size expand their reach and distribution.

We collect shipments daily, with agreed collection times. With Same-Day and Next-Day deliveries guaranteed, you won’t just increase the number of happy customers you have, you’ll improve your sales targets too!

Local fulfilment for large retailers

Proxi’s fast and flexible delivery services mean you can meet the needs of all of your London shoppers, quicker than ever before.

If you inject into any one of our London centres by 2pm, we’ll deliver to your customer on the very same day.

If you need a little more time to get your stocks in order, that’s fine too. Inject into any of our London centres by 10pm, and we’ll deliver to your customer the next day, at a time that suits them.

A dark store in the city

Picture this: your shop, outsmarting and outselling the competition, by delivering to customers living in and around England’s busiest city.

Now you can house your standard product range at a Proxi centre, in London or Greater London, without having to foot the bill for shop fits or ground rents.

Plus, we’re far more cost effective than pick and packing in a store environment. Our easy-to-use technology will give you complete visibility and control over your stock. While we focus on your fulfilment and delivery needs, you can be turning your shop into the next e-commerce success story in next to no time.